The diet of mushrooms will help to avoid obesity

Experts from Baltimore University have found that eating mushrooms can have a good effect on the figure. That is why scientists recommend not to eat red meat, instead using eating mushrooms. The experts came to this conclusion in the study, the participation of adults suffering from obesity. 88 percent of them were women, whose average age was 48 years. The nurses were divided into 2 groups, one of which for many years had eaten mushrooms, and the second group followed a normal diet. As it turned out, diet, consisting of mushrooms, gave the opportunity to lose more than three pounds.

According to scientists, the effect is that mushrooms contain large quantities of vitamin PP, which is critical for the heart. In addition they have a lot of iron salts, which is an excellent tool for the prevention of anemia. In addition to the aforementioned, in the white mushrooms have vitamin B1, zinc and iodine - it has everything you need to maintain the vitality of the immune system. However, the study found that mushrooms are a great preventative treatment for oncological diseases.

It should also be noted that a more detailed study results were published in the report, which is presented in the framework of the conference "Experimental Biology 2013, which began on the 22nd of April in Boston.

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