The diagnosis of arrhythmia can be set according to the condition of the vessels, eyes and kidneys

Ophthalmologists and cardiologists decided to unite their efforts for the extension of diagnostic methods. They found that the condition of blood vessels in the retina and kidney disease can be diagnosed atrial fibrillation. This disease is a cause of stroke, angina and heart failure, says Business standard.

The study involved more than 10 thousand people at a Mature age. The group of volunteers were followed for 13 years. Deep diagnostics of the cardiovascular system, blood vessels, kidney and retina showed that no changes in the vascular component of the eyes and kidneys will reflect favorably on the state of the heart. Scientists have found a measure of person-years. In a healthy person (without pathology of the kidney and retina) it is 5.7, people with retinopathy - 8,9 in patients with impaired renal blood flow - 16,8, and during the simultaneous development of pathology - 24,4.

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All these deviations, according to scientists, can be caused by inflammatory changes, violation of the integrity of the endothelium, the pathology of the autonomic system.

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