The development of sclerosis can be predicted by date of birth

According to the latest work of the specialists of the University of London, the increased risk of multiple sclerosis in humans is subject to birth in April and may and a reduced level of vitamin D.

According to the Health portal Canal, Dr. Sriram Ramagopalan and his colleagues from the Institute Blizzard analyzed data 152 thousand patients from countries of the Northern hemisphere suffering from this disease.

It turned out that the month of birth was directly determined the diagnosis in a patient with multiple sclerosis. For example, if the date of birth was April, the risk was increased by 5%., and if for October-November, then the probability, on the contrary, fell by 5-7%. But final conclusions can be obtained after clinical trials. Perhaps the supplements with the vitamin will be able to prevent sclerosis.

It is considered that the development of multiple sclerosis contributes to a complex interaction of genes and environmental conditions. For example, the external factors include the deficit of vitamin D.

The production of this vitamin occurs when the skin to sunlight. Therefore, women whose pregnancy coincides with dark, winter months, we recommend taking dietary supplements with vitamin D to protect the child in the future sclerosis.

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According to Ramagopalan, given the wealth of evidence confirming the importance of vitamin D for multiple sclerosis, vitamin D levels in the mother seems to be the most likely explanation for this effect of "month of birth". In subsequent clinical trials, scientists will try to find out whether the Supplements with vitamin D to help prevent multiple sclerosis.

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