The development of pneumonia contributes to poor oral hygiene

Most older people have a risk of developing pneumonia, but this is the case, if they are in the winter will not be regular cleaning of the teeth, says Dr. Summit Yoshi from the school of medicine at Yale University. He found a direct relationship between bacteria in the mouth and lung disease, according to The Telegraph.

As it turned out, mutations in bacteria that live in the mouth on his mouth and teeth, preceded the progression of pneumonia. It should be noted that poor health of the teeth and the oral cavity before doctors associated with respiratory diseases.

In medical circles it is believed that breast infection, or otherwise, caused by direct contact of saliva with a large number of bacteria from the throat and mouth into the lungs. The result is the development of infection, similar as in pneumonia, or even a deterioration in health. Because in the midst of the people, in which there is the gum disease mortality due to developed pneumonia is much higher.

Dr. Nigel Carter of the British dental health says: "In the winter time, nobody is insured against flu and colds. The implementation of the hygiene of the oral cavity (teeth cleaning twice a day with the use of dental floss and sweets are eaten in small quantities) can be a great prevention, especially for people who are at risk.

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