The development of obesity can be predicted in children

Scientists have found: the presence or absence of obesity to Mature years can be assumed even in childhood. Half of the children with obesity at age 13 had a similar problem, starting with kindergarten. Doctors believe that obesity as a disease must be influenced from an early age to teach a child to eat correctly, adhere to the day, to exercise.

In this study, scientists observed 7700 children. Each child took on supervision in kindergarten. For his weight and physical development was monitored annually. Recording changes allowed us to make certain conclusions.

In kindergarten to 12% of children were obese, 15% by weight. To 13 years were almost doubled. Half of the children with overweight in early childhood endured this problem and in the school period, sometimes exacerbating it. Excess weight among five-year-olds are four times more likely passed in obesity.

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Note: every twentieth child to become overweight in kindergarten. Particularly strong surge in the set kilograms noted in 1-3 class. The next leap - adolescence. There is evidence that children from wealthy families eat better, to avoid obesity.

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