The development of emotions

The development of emotion rather broad question. It includes both the development of the emotional nature of man in the process of phylogenesis and ontogenesis, and improvement of the emotions in already fully formed individual.

That the development of human emotions wore evolutionary character, show more works of Charles Darwin. Part of their external manifestations similar to its ancestors, according to the theory of evolution. Darwin saw these modes of expression, as some remnants of animal behavior in the defence and attack. Also worth noting is increasingly uslozhnivshimisya the nature of the communication and interaction of animals with a gradual increase in the level of "social" and forms of group behavior.

Another reason of the historical process of the development of the emotional sphere is that part of the fundamental emotions enshrined in the limbic system of the brain. It is not present in reptiles and ambiti, therefore, their emotional behavior actually does not manifest itself, it is impossible for mammals in General and humans in particular.

The gradual development and improvement of the emotional sphere of the person and is in the process of ontogenesis. From simple reactions to stimuli and instincts in the newborn until the complete formation of the higher emotions, which usually lasts up to 20-22 years.

Development of emotions and their training is possible in later life, but will have to make some efforts. What is its meaning and what is the value? The man himself creates your reality, you can experience a deep sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction on a bed of furs and silk, and you can rejoice even in the ray of sun on a cold winter day. Training emotions, he begins a more positive attitude to the surrounding reality, to manage their feelings, causing a condition which is necessary, and not succumbing to the influence of transitory factors.

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In addition, fires and some internal setting. Unlikely to succeed, to be happy, constantly being at the mercy of the feelings of loneliness and despair. People subconsciously already accepted and got used to it, or accept, sooner or later. Change for the better never can and does occur. Development and training of the emotional sphere will contribute to the elimination of the negative impact of destructive emotions and moods. We cannot say that life will get better instantly, but it obviously would be better, easier and more colorful.

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