The development of dementia may delay card games

The development of dementia (senile dementia) can delay the writing, reading and card games, according to "componenta" referring to Live Science.

Scientists from the Medical College named after A. Einstein, that at Yeshiva University (USA, new York) were examined 488 persons, whose age ranged from 75 to 85 years, and which, in turn, dementia at the beginning of the experiment not only suffered, but on the contrary - could the mind to perform arithmetic calculations. Monitoring each of the subjects was carried out on average within five years. For this time period 101 party started progressing dementia.

Subjects before the research assistants reported how often they engaged in reading, writing, spend time solving crossword puzzles, playing a quiet intellectual Board games or enthusiasm in the game card. Also the subjects talked about doing them in group discussions, films, seen on the street events and the ability to play any musical instrument. If research participants are daily was busy in some activity, he was charged with seven points if two or three times per week accrue four, and the one who once a week "earned" only one point.

Upon completion of the experiment it turned out that those people who had an average of seven points, dementia (senile dementia) came later than the rest.

Scientists have also discovered that each new activity mental activity contributed to the postponement of the rapid deterioration of memory studied by 0.18 years (about 9 weeks). Those people who are paid weekly time many types of classes, their memory began to decline at 1.29 years later than people who during the week gave their time to exercise three or four kinds of mental activity.

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