The development of a vaccine against HIV is impossible - the scientists

It is proved that the HIV virus is rapidly changing under the influence of various factors. Numerous studies reveal the theme of the variability of the virus under the influence of antiretroviral drugs. Sabina Brumme (Simon Fraser University) conducted a study that examined the adaptation of the virus to the immune system of a person, writes The Delhi Daily News.

In the study, it was proved that the virus quickly adapts to the human immunity and changes. This fact puzzled by all developers of an HIV vaccine. Speed variability agent in different regions. Especially the high speed of adaptation of HIV in countries where the virus is highly prevalent.

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The results were installed after studying viral RNA and reproduction in the lab. The number of investigated material enough for a detailed study of the reaction of HIV on the immune response. Further research in this area, scientists believe, will allow a better understanding of the mechanisms of disease development. Perhaps in the future will be able to develop a drug against HIV.

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