The dependence between the preferred type of coffee and character traits

Coffee is a popular drink worldwide. Daily up hundreds of thousands of cups of this drink, and fans were divided into many camps, depending on the subspecies of coffee. Some people prefer instant, someone loves concentrated espresso or ristretto , and someone - soft latte or cappuccino.

Dr. Rumani Durvasula conducted a survey of thousands of coffee lovers to find out the link in the preferences of a certain type of drink and the type of character. We investigated such as perfectionism, openness or closedness of a person, the tendency to self-control, social activism, courage, sensitivity, and others.

It turned out that the lovers of espresso and Americano, i.e. coffee without additives, tend to purism, self-control, simplicity and no frills. Some changes in their lives can be perceived very badly and truce breakers, false accusers. Fans latte inherent qualities, such as neuroticism, but the pleasure from helping others.

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Demanding to themselves and others have fans cappuccino. Such people are constantly in control of yourself, sensitive, they tend to stay healthy. Instant coffee prefer casual people who are prone to idleness. They are more likely to delay important things for later. Cold coffee with sugar syrup like social brave people who are prone to insane actions.

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