The Dengue viruses got to Europe

According to a report by the world Health Organization, by far the most common tropical disease is Dengue fever. It poses a real threat to the population, since according to the latest official figures in the world of this fever infected nearly 50 million people, and according to independent experts, this figure reaches 100 million, reports the news Agency "Reuters".

The extent of its spread over the last half century has increased 30 times. And the effectiveness of the most effective to date vaccines from Sanofi reaches 30 percent.

Virus fever is transmitted via mosquitoes. Because of the frequent and active movements of goods and people, it occurs in those countries where never met before. The negative role played by global climate change. Today, Dengue is registered in 125 countries. She was more prevalent than malaria, which recorded less than 100 countries.

Last year, the fever had reached even to Europe. She was infected with 2,000 people on the island of Madeira. The disease manifested itself for the first time since 1920. It should be noted that the mosquitoes that carry Dengue were in Europe together with used tires and bamboo.

The largest number of cases of this fever occurs in Africa, Latin America and Asia. According to official data, the mortality in these countries from Dengue fever is 6,000 people.

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