The delicacy of bird's nests can cause cancer

Delicacy which is prepared from rocky nests of swallows, containing saliva, can cause cancer, this is the conclusion of scientists from China.

In the party nests, recently arrived in China from Malaysia, were discovered substances that cause cancer. Nine parties weighing 73 pounds were imported in September, they contained toxic nitrites and gold aureus, which cry blood poisoning and cancer. Dangerous bird nests were sent back before they were sold on the domestic market, according to the administration of Hong Kong.

Earlier this year, was already a scandal around the nests of swallows, which in China is eaten for several hundred years, a scandal erupted around the subspecies nests of swallows living in the red rocks. Its the color of the rock required a high iron content, which penetrates into the nest, giving them special red color, which increases the demand for them in the culinary market. However, sometimes sellers paint red socket manually in order for them to get a higher price, and some nests contain high doses of nitrite.

In September in the poultry meat, also came from Malaysia, we found the level of nitrites in 31 times higher than the normal limits.

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