The degree of contamination handbags is superior to the toilet seat

The specialists of the company Initial Washroom Hygiene conducted a study of such a household in a woman's life, like a handbag. The results of the study hit them. The contents of handbags, and its surface was a real hotbed of bacteria. Every fifth mentioned the accessory according to its degree of contamination exceeds a toilet seat, according to MedDaily.

From the internal contents of the bag most dirty subject was packing with hand cream. Followed by lipstick and mascara. The most preferred material of bacteria is leather, which is used to make bags. It has a porous structure, which simplifies the process of fixation and reproduction of bacteria on it.

Taking into consideration obtained as a result of the research the facts, experts recommend often to clean as bags and special antibacterial hand wipes or gel, which prevents cross contamination.

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