The deficiency in children - how to cope?

The deficiency arises from a lack in the body of any vitamin or its complete absence. Symptoms of beriberi seem harmless, but the consequences can be severe.

Often beriberi occurs in the winter-spring season, it is the time of fresh vegetables and fruits are rare. However, today, "urban" children, this problem occurs in any season and it's not surprising. If store-bought Apple cut into slices, it will not darken on the ground slicer, this suggests that the store products are processed with chemicals and useful properties (in this example, iron) are denied.

The deficiency lowers the immune system, making children's health vulnerable. In addition, the lack of a particular vitamin will also affect the baby's health. For example, lack of vitamin a (carotene) will damage the hair, reduction of vision, the disease of the mucous membrane; the Lack of vitamin b - to sleep, uncertain and irritability; lack of vitamin C - to bleeding gums, fatigue, brittle nails and other

Scientists have identified dozens of vitamins, vital for the human body. And only when a sufficient intake of vitamins, you can be sure that the child will grow up strong and healthy. Beriberi is a serious problem that cannot be solved in 1 day or a week. Treatment of beriberi is daily work, daily consumption of fruit and vegetables, because the body for the future of the vitamins are not stores.

How do you determine suffer if the child avitaminosis?

The lack of specific vitamin has a different effect , but common features are. Consider the characteristics that will make parents wonder if their children vitamin deficiency.

• child quickly tire the activities previously this effect is not caused;

• the child is frequently ill, as the saying goes "dries out" ;

• the child became Moody, irritable. He has to spoil the mood at the slightest provocation;

• the baby's skin flakes, gums bleed, hair became brittle;

• the child does not eat, complaining of nausea and headaches.

It should be noted that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat, so you should take action before the appearance of these signs.

Follow the diet!

Of course, perfect - food, which would include all the necessary vitamins. Products that are not subjected to chemical treatments and long-term storage, but for products in the store you can't vouch. Is two choices:

1. If you have the opportunity to grow in the country vegetables, fruits and berries, use it. Do for the winter twist on homemade recipes to preserve the useful properties.

2. Consultation with your doctor will help you choose for your child ready vitamins from reliable manufacturers.

When you focus on a specific set of vitamins, make sure that they are suitable for your children and observe the regularity of techniques. Upon interruption in the use of vitamins benefit from them will not.

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