The dead would be buried in the open space

The company Elysium Space has literally blown up the market somewhat unusual service, the essence of which consists in the burial of the ashes of the dead in the vast expanses of the Universe. For this purpose, the compartments of the spacecraft is planned to equip special Department in which the ashes of cremated people could travel through interplanetary space for two years.

The cost of this, frankly, extraordinary "afterlife journey" will be about two and a half thousand dollars. Upon expiry of the aforementioned period, cosmic hearse is encouraged to burn in the Earth's atmosphere.

According to the latest data, demand for space burial is so high that those who have bought a hundred places and the flow of requests is in no hurry to dry up. The start of the first flight is scheduled for the end of this (2017). Naturally, the orbiting starship funeral will be answered by the racket, the Falcon 9, developed and built by Space X.

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