The daily consumption of asparagus decreases the concentration of sugar in the blood

According to The Daily Mail, the asparagus is very high chances to be in the list of products that are actively preventing diabetes. Scientists believe that regular use of asparagus controlled sugar levels and improves insulin production.

It is no secret that the presence of fatty foods in the human diet and failure to comply with a healthy lifestyle are the cause of the increased risk of developing diabetes. And the consumption of the extract of asparagus in high concentration has a positive impact on the production of the pancreas insulin.

These findings are contained in the research staff of the University of Karachi. They did the rats to chemical compounds, which causes the development of diabetes. After that, half of the animals daily for 28 days was given in both large and small dosage of the extract of asparagus, and a second antidiabetic agent glibenclamide.

The status of rodents was monitored using blood tests. The results showed that at low dosage asparagus sugar level decreased, but the production of insulin is not increased. But when large doses of extract both indicators have experienced a positive impact.

It is noteworthy that in 2006 the British Medical Journal published a report confirming the pros asparagus. It was argued that asparagus contributes 81% better absorption of sugar by the muscles and other tissues.

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