The cure for schizophrenia cure cancer

Canadian scientists found that treatment for mental disorders thioridazine able to kill cancer stem cells in the human body without damaging healthy. This unique medication that completely eliminates the possibility of relapse in the future, which cannot guarantee any known and widely used by existing tools.

Typically, chemotherapy kills not only cancer, but also healthy cells, leading to anemia, nausea, hair loss.

It has long been known that stem cells are the cause of many forms of cancer, and the drug is able to transform cancer stem cells in normal. For comparison, an experiment was conducted with application in cancer cells chemotherapy combined with thioridazine, this method turned out to be 55 times more effective than conventional chemotherapy. Effective thioridazine on the grounds that cancer cells have dopamine receptors ( located in the brain), it blocks these receptors, similar to that governing the pleasure centers of human behavior and in the brain. This amazing characteristic of cancer cells can also lead to the development of a new test for cancer by measuring the amount of dopamine receptors in the blood or tissues.

Scientists already are going to start testing thioridazine in clinical conditions, the experiment will participate patients with acute myeloid leukemia who have developed resistance to chemotherapy.

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