The cure for heart disease helps in cancer - study

The main danger of cancer is the uncontrollable growth and the tendency to the formation of metastases. This complicates the treatment of cancer. Before scientists have found a drug that reduces the ability of the cancer to metastasize. He was well-known medication for the treatment of heart failure. Information published in New Scientist.

Experts from the University of Osaka noticed natriuretic peptide, entered before surgery to remove the cancer, reduces the percentage of postoperative complications related to the heart. In Japan and some other countries natriuretic peptide - standard treatment of heart failure for over 20 years.

The new approach gave a positive result in patients with cancer. In 91% after two years after surgery of metastases is not formed. In the control group, the percentage of postoperative success was 75%.

A study with laboratory mice have shown that natriuretic peptide reduces the tendency of cancer cells to adhere to the walls of blood vessels, which reduces the probability of formation of a tumor in a new place.

Note that the peptide affects the course of cancer indirectly. The drug can be used for the treatment of many neoplastic processes. The company Shionogi is engaged in the development of a separate drug to treat cancer based on the

natriuretic peptide.

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