The cure for anger

Wrath or anger is an instinctive protective reaction of a person in circumstances that are contrary to the ideology and stereotypes of a person, and in the event of a dangerous and similar in character situations. This feeling has both positive and negative aspects.

The positive aspects of anger

1. Potentionrovania hidden reserves of the organism, which makes it possible to react quickly in an emergency.

2. Splash of negative emotions. As you know, deterrence and the accumulation of negative feelings can lead to stress and other kinds of neurotic and mental disorders.

3. Directed negative energy creates the motivational boost consciousness for the realization of certain plans and goals.

The negative aspects of anger

1. Complexity in the control of this emotion. This can lead to a number of negative consequences, both for themselves and for others.

2. Difficulties in making informed adequate solutions in anger.

3. Indulgence of anger leads to the fact that this feeling is quickly becoming all the more difficult any manipulation by man.

4. Anger can gradually lead to irreversible and/or complex in the treatment of mental illness.

As can be seen from the above, anger is valid only if it is conscious and controlled by man. Otherwise, this feeling is harmful and destructive for consciousness. In this regard, it is important to consider ways of dealing with anger control and anger.

The techniques for controlling anger

First of all it is important to note that the frequent expression of anger indicates the presence of mental instability and the need for treatment of this disease under the supervision of a qualified specialist. The essence of therapy in this case is based on identifying the root cause of the disorder and the use of medication (sedatives and depressants).

In case of simultaneous occurrence of fit of anger, you can use the following methods of repayment of negative emotions:

1. The control of breathing. Is to use the following techniques: slow deep breath - the maximum possible breath - slow, deep breath, duration exceeding breath at least twice. This allows you to create distractions pace, allowing to abstract from the circumstances and to create a state of hypoxia (oxygen starvation). The latter contributes to lower pressure and reduced emotionality.

2. The use of sedative and sedatives. There are many medications that can be divided into two broad groups: curcione drugs and tools for extraordinary relief of an asthma attack. Medication can be administered only as prescribed by a physician. The most common tools are: motherwort, Valerian, Novo-passit, phenibut, phenazepam, diazepam, and so forth.

3. The offset of the object of anger and direction of energy. This method is the most beneficial and useful for the human psyche, but can be used only after mastering the breathing practices. If you experience feelings of anger need to escape from the situation causing this feeling. Then you need to formulate a definite purpose in mind and shout it. This will be significant motif in the realization and distract from the stimulus.

Thus, anger can not only fight, but also to use it to achieve our goals.

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