The cure for alcoholism can be overcome brain cancer

One of the drugs used in the treatment of alcoholism, may be effective in destroying cancerous cells in the brain. Such conclusions were made by British scientists - authors of the latest research.

In the treatment of brain tumors can help disulfiram is a drug used to fight alcohol dependence. The drug is characterized by the development in the body extreme sensitivity to alcohol, causing unpleasant reactions. According to the researchers, disulfiram may be useful for patients who have been diagnosed with glioblastoma is the most common and most dangerous form of brain cancer.

The difference disulfiram from many other drugs, is that when combined with gemcitabine becomes possible to overcome the blood-brain barrier, "protecting" bad cells.

As said study leader Dr. Weiguang Wong from Wolverhamptons University (UK), they were able to obtain data indicating the ability of the drug to transport copper into the cancer cells with the creation of damaging free radicals. Last, accumulate, destroy bad cells.

In 20-ies of the last century, scientists first proposed the use of copper in the treatment of cancer. But only now found a method to successfully carry copper in cancer cells and destroy in the cell glioblastomas.

According to Wong, the next step is to develop the best mode of transportation disulfiram in cells and the beginning of further clinical trials on cancer patients as funding.

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