The cure for aging will start checking in 2016

According to preliminary information, the drug may increase the human lifespan to 120 years. About it reports The Telegraph. Metformin, which is part of the experimental tools that prolongs life in animals. There is a high probability that the same effect will be observed in humans.

Now Metformin is actively used for the treatment of diabetes of the second type. Scientists speculate that regular intake of medicines with Metformin can greatly affect the health of older people. A new drug, scientists believe, is an important step in the development of medicine. Soon doctors will no longer treat certain diseases and switches to the treatment of aging.

"If you focus on how to slow down aging, you simultaneously slow down the onset of several diseases associated with old age. It is a revolution! I'm 25 years studying the aging process, and until recently it seemed unthinkable that we are going to test these drugs on people. Now there is every reason to believe that the future is now," says Gordon Lithgow, a Professor from Scotland. The first series of Metformin on volunteers will happen at the end of 2016.

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