The culprits reduce male fertility - burgers

On male fertility adversely affects fast food is such a disappointing conclusion recently, a group of British researchers in the new research. On the reproductive system of representatives of the male half of humanity in the worst way affect fries and traditional burgers, in other words, those products which contain a large number of harmful saturated fats.

The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, was published analysis of the state of 99 men who attended the American Clinic analysis of fertility. It was found that the crucial factor here is the diet that determines the concentration of spermatozoa and thus affects the quality of sperm. Most useful in this aspect products are vegetable oils and fish, they also have a positive impact on potency. And the most harmful product is fast food.

Scientists believe that to fix the problem of poor quality of sperm through the use of proper nutrition it is possible, however, the effectiveness of such steps will be in direct relation to the age - older than the man becomes, the more difficult and therefore more time it will need to spend on improving the quality of sperm.

In that case, if the men in the diet invariably observed the predominance of saturated fat, at the end of intimacy in the middle he stands at 43 percent less sperm than men who adhere to proper nutrition. At the same time the male sperm concentration in the released sperm will be 38 percent lower normalized indicator. In the male sperm, the normal level of concentration of spermatozoa on the basis of estimates by the world Health Association varies in the range from 15 to 39 million per milliliter, and under certain physiological conditions, the consumption of fast food may be the reason that a man can go beyond the lower limit of the data frames. This, in turn, accordingly, will mean only one thing - he in the future can cause serious problems with conceiving an heir.

The researchers believe that there is a strong likelihood that fast food affects adverse effects on the reproductive systems, both men and women, reducing relatively probable conception perfectly healthy heir. However, still figuring out the impact of fast food on the level of female fertility.

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