The culprit in kidney disease - Smoking

Scientists have proved that the excess of lead in the body comes from cigarette smoke, and promoting it leads to the risk of developing kidney cancer.

It is known that Smoking on the health of the lungs and cardiovascular system affected negatively. A recent study showed that cigarette smoke acts destroyer of the kidneys and in the near future may cause the development of cancer of this very important organ.

It was previously shown that in people who died from cancer of the kidney, the content of lead in his body was inflated substantially. Experts from the medical College of Pennsylvania University (USA) has been proven - over lead gets into the body together with tobacco smoke, and elevated lead levels in the body significantly increases the risk of developing kidney cancer. Conclusions made on the basis of the analysis of medical data of about 30 thousand men-smokers.

Scientists found: people who have elevated levels of lead in the blood at risk of development of renal cell carcinoma (the most common type of kidney cancer), and this risk is increased in 2 times.

Figure convincing, and she says that male smokers should think about their health, and the sooner the better.

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