The crunch in the cervical spine. What he may

The doctors there were disagreements in views on whether to help ease back pain method of compression of the neck. Most consider him to be clinically unnecessary, others just want to assure you about its effectiveness, considering that it can reduce blood pressure.

Known in medical circles under the name of spinal manipulation, a technique which included various effects on the cervical spine to relieve pain in neck, back and other areas.

However, Neil O'connell physiotherapist from Brunel University (UK) believes that this type of manipulation is able to bear the potential for further serious complications of neuro-vascular nature." In an article published in the British Medical journal O'connell reports that this technique is "unnecessary and undesirable".

"Spinal manipulation Department differ radically from the usual soft massage, reports doctor. - We are talking about a kind of movements when under some pressure exerted on the neck, made all the familiar sounds of "crunch". There were cases when after such operations, people a few days later came the strokes, because the compression of the neck to cause rupture of the shell of the vertebral artery that supplies the brain with blood."

O'connell speaks to physicians with the use of other methods of pain relief, such as gentle massage or exercises that are quite effective and have no health risks. None of the methods is not a panacea, because medicine is not known reliable medications against pain in the neck. But these methods give exactly the same relief, and what brings the crunch from squeezing.

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