The crisis was one of the causes of the global obesity

Over the past 30 years, most countries of the world are faced with the problem of obesity among the population. Today more than two billion people on the planet have problems with excess weight.

One of the main reasons is the change of the physical labor on the intellectual. Office workers spend 6-10 hours in their seats in front of the computer or securities. In addition to the static lifestyle, many people prefer fatty food, junk food, which exacerbates the situation with obesity.

Scientists believe that in developed countries the percentage of people overweight was strongly affected by the crisis. Because lower income people to choose low quality and unhealthy food.

Predictions made by scientists, disappointing: after 15 years in America every second adult will have problems with excess weight. Note that already in some States, every second person suffers from obesity.

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Obesity is a huge expenditure in health, to reduce which can solely change the lifestyle of the citizens of the country. While scientists predict that the cost of treatment of obesity in 15 years will increase to $ 66 billion per year.

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