The crisis of obesity: the disease of the liver in half a million children

In the UK more than half a million children suffer from liver disease due to obesity. The percentage of patients with obesity so high that signs of the disease resemble alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, often organ damage so much that requires a liver transplant.

About 500,000 children under the age of 15 suffer from fat in the liver cells, which prevent it from functioning normally. This condition increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, works to the appearance of type II diabetes and liver cirrhosis.

Currently in the UK if the works bomb, thousands of lives are at risk and the number of children with excess weight increases. Professor Martin Lombard from the Department of health warns that cirrhosis is rarely detected before serious damage to health caused. Currently, 30 percent of children 2 to 15 years are overweight, and this number will only double by 2050.

Treatment of diseases in these children is useless as they will not lead to your normal weight, which destroys their body. Parents of children with overweight should be aware of the risks they are exposed to their children, because fat is stored not only on the body surface, but also around the internal organs. Gradual weight loss will improve health, and enhance quality of life.

Frightening is the fact that among American adolescents, the number of people with obesity exceeds even alarming English performance.

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