The Creator of Facebook has allocated $ 25 million for the fight against Ebola virus

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the largest social network, has allocated for the fight against Ebola $ 25 million. The amount sent to the Foundation CDC Foundation, working on methods of prevention and treatment of Ebola.

Today the situation with the spread of the viral agent does not cease to evolve. 8,4 thousand people infected, more than four thousand died from fever. Some scientists believe that the number of infected may rise to a million in the near future. Then the epidemic will result in a global catastrophe.

By the end of the week the number of infected can cross the bar at nine thousand people. The main problem in the diagnosis of Ebola - long incubation period. The first symptoms are felt after 21 days from infection.

Until the disease is actively developing in Africa, on the other continents registered a single case of Ebola, data on mortality no.

The world scientific community working to create new funds from Ebola, funding in the development of drugs plays a role.

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