The creation of a male contraceptive will contribute to genetics

"To search for means of male contraception turned to genetics employees of the University of Edinburgh", - informs the Agency RIA "Novosti". They had identified the main Katnal1 gene, which is associated with development and further maturation of sperm.

If you set the control method to the data of the genome, it is possible to slow down the process of sperm maturation and thereby avoid conception. Pregnancy can be possible only if the transformation hormonal "microclimate" in men. And experiments with male rodents have shown that when mice "off" gene was the development of infertility.

This method of male contraception may be the most secure in comparison with a decrease in sex hormones men. A large number of side effects has hormonal therapy. In a number of unpleasant effects include: mood swings, and various skin rashes.

Dr. Lee Smith States: "the Effects of genetic medicine will be reversible because Katnal1 concerns of sperm cells only at the final stages of maturation, and this means that the drug will not affect the early periods sperm count and in General in any time will not affect the process itself sperm count".

It does not exclude the fact that gene will also successfully treat infertility, because it is necessary to regulate the functioning of the tubules, which in turn form the cells that serve as the delivery of substances to produce sperm. If the tubules are functioning in a normal mode, the cells produce a proper circulation in the testicles during the maturation process.

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