The created dictionary of pain terms for communication between doctor and patient

Psychologists at the University of Buffalo decided to create the dictionary definitions of pain, that all suffering from chronic pain patients could most accurately describe to the doctors about my feelings.

To work with pain patients is very difficult, because the doctor can learn about it only according to the patient, so the most accurate description of their feelings is a key step in the fight against disease. However, the subjective experience of each patient makes them different to assess and describe the pain. The lack of precision and specificity of information prevents health workers to assess the severity of the disorder.

If scientists want to effectively help people suffering from chronic pain, one must develop a common vocabulary.

As ontologies define a person and being, must be found ontological concept of pain, and to find ways of distinguishing different kinds of pain. Scientists from the University of Buffalo, will connect the ontological, medical and psychological approaches to more precisely define the various manifestations of pain.

To help researchers with data on thousands of patients from USA, UK, Israel, Germany, Sweden, the questionnaires described in detail your feelings. Scientists correlate describe the experiences of patients with their medical diagnoses and will be able to create a clear Glossary of terms, the operation of which will greatly facilitate communication between patients and doctors.

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