The CPS will review all pharmacies in metro capital

The CPS will soon conduct a review of all pharmacy items that are on the territory of the Moscow metro. The staff of this office will conduct a thorough inspection, which will help the representatives of the Prosecutor's office of the Moscow metro, according to "Token".

In Supervisory Agency said that last year in the CPS many times received written complaints from passengers of the subway, which belonged to the operation of drugstores. At the end of 2011 the specialists of the sanitary service was audited for the trips of Russian citizens.

The results of the test in the pharmacy "Removers" and "DLN Pharmacy" noted the unsatisfactory condition of places to work and numerous violations of the rules of storage of medicines. In addition, employees of the first companies were not planned surveys at medical institutions.

The Prosecutor's office of Moscow metro appealed to the court of Moscow with the claims against all violators. The arbitration court of the Russian capital was ruled to recover from offenders forty thousand roubles. In turn, representatives of Rospotrebnadzor said that all pharmacy-violators will be soon closed, if their leaders did not manage to get rid of obvious violations. Such terrible decisions will be enacted, if the next inspection will reveal the same violation.

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