The Council of Europe will forbid to determine the sex of the child

Soon hospitals in Europe may be prohibited to inform women about the gender of their unborn child. Medical staff, according to the draft resolution of the Council of Europe, does not have to disclose this information. This decision is an attempt to prevent selective interruption, as a rule, a woman may seek an abortion if it is not satisfied with the sex of the baby.

After the apparent disparities in the young generation in some former Soviet republics, the European Council decided to ban the practice in the 47 member States of the Union.

However, the physicians expressed their disagreement with the project, parents have the right to know the sex of their children simply for practical reasons - whether the second child of the same sex as the first, what things to buy for the birth. The adoption of such a ban ,in their opinion, would violate the rights of parents.

Located in Strasbourg the Council of Europe cannot impose his orders as required, but it is a powerful force and often decisions are made then governments on a statutory basis.

In the UK Ude frequent precedents when midwives after scanning refused to tell mothers sex of their unborn child, explaining that do not have the right to disclose such information.

The decision of the Board has its own distinct characteristics, for example in Muslim countries, the firstborn prefer to give birth to boys, and frequent cases when girls get aborted. However, most couples will learn the sex of their after 20 weeks, when to terminate the pregnancy with minimal losses is not possible.

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