The correct course of pregnancy

The birth of a child is an important step for each complete family, and how couples approach to this process is an indicator of their future well-being. It is really a challenge for parents. But centuries of experience and modern medicine, allow you to minimize the risks and fears of the unknown.

Pregnancy... Every woman remembers this stage of his life with mixed feelings. For some it was a real challenge, for someone to be an unbearable burden for someone joyful and easy event. But in each case, the correct attitude to the process, is a guarantee that everything will be all happy birth most loved person in my life. What rules will help expectant mothers? Not so much, as it seems at first glance. Of course, each person is a unique combination, with their personalities and requirements, but a few General rules still exists.

Compliance with these simple rules, does not fundamentally change the way of life, but will allow a pregnant woman to stay at home and not lie on the regular "save" in the hospital.

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