The correct Breakfast will allow you to quickly get rid of a hangover

Some foods help to reduce a hangover after alcohol abuse. Scientists stated that it has found a unique recipe for a hangover. It is scrambled eggs and bacon. This dish should be a perfect start for people with a headache after a stormy night.

Bacon and eggs is a part of English Breakfast. The Breakfast is not very similar to a traditional morning meals in other countries. There are no cereals and yogurts, but there are sausages, beans, bacon and eggs. These products have high nutritional value. The study proved that English breakfasts are the best helps in getting rid of hangover symptoms.

Painkillers, researchers note, help at the same level as high-calorie Breakfast. If the body is not taking such a fatty food, suitable rich broth and a few servings of warm and very sweet tea, with a couple of pill analgesic. The most inefficient way to get rid of a hangover, scientists believe a simple being in bed motionless.

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