The content of protein in the urine can say about the duration of human life

In the urine of healthy people of the protein should not be at all, or its contents should be negligible. If in human urine increases the concentration of protein, then this means that a person has kidney problems. Canadian scientists recently conducted a study showed that these indices can predict the life expectancy of the patient.

Scientists from the University of calgary showed that the presence of protein in the urine not only speaks of renal diseases, but also allows you to set the expected duration of life of the patient. According to scientists, the more protein in the urine, neuteshiteljna forecast. Proteinuria, or selection protein with urine, occurs when the concentration of protein fractions greater than 0.03 g/L. Canadian professionals during the study examined data on the health of more than 810 thousand residents of the canadian province of Alberta. The age of the studied people ranged from 30 to 85 years. For comparative analysis, the researchers compared all the factors and came to the conclusion that the longest to live are the chances of those people who have protein in the urine is missing completely. The results of the study showed that men, the results of urine tests which were "clean" lived longer on 15, 2 years, and for women this figure was 17.4 years. Even small quantities of protein in the urine adversely affect the duration of life. In this case, the difference in past years has decreased in comparison with those who have protein in the urine was not at all. In this case, people who have renal function was normal, lived 8.2 years longer (men) and 10.5 years (women) than those analyzed in the urine which was found even a small protein.

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