The consumption of bread leads to chronic fatigue

The most common food consumed by the average person is bread. It is also one of the most ancient and useful products, the use of which is always highlighted by doctors and scientists. But a recent study got a look at the bread in a different perspective. As it turned out, modern bread and bakery products, presented in a wide range in the stores, not only do no good, but, on the contrary, can cause harm. This fact says the study's author, an American cardiologist William Davis. In his opinion, it is the bread blame the cause of the "disease of the century" - constant fatigue.

The specialist says that in the last time in clinic the United States to treat citizens who complained of constant fatigue. Nothing like that in clinical practice, the US was not observed, and therefore, was invented by a special new term - "clouded brain.

Dr. Davis tied complaints to the consumption of bread and flour products. It turns out that they adversely affect the ability to think.

Varieties of wheat of the new generation are containing genetically modified protein, which becomes a cause of chronic fatigue, as well as excess weight. The consumption of bread in large quantities causes deficiency of fiber in the body, and without it the brain to function normally can't.

According to cardiologist, modern wheat is very different from the one that was grown half a century ago. In modern wheat contains gliadin is a protein that acts like an opiate, which activates certain receptors in the brain, and which, in turn, causes the desire to eat.

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