The consequences of the global financial crisis will have an impact on people's health

A group of scientists conducted a study, more detailed results of which are published on the pages of the Lancet. As it turned out, the consequences of the global financial crisis will long remind yourself and affect the health of several generations. The researchers found that since 2008, the year which is the year of the beginning of the crisis, European countries have increased the number of suicides, and in addition, the increased number of people suffering from mental disorders.

However, American scientists from the University of California in Los Angeles found that the human genome is particularly sensitive to the threat of a social nature, and when the human body is exposed to severe stress, it begins to arise chronic inflammatory processes. As a result of this increases the risk of serious pathologies, which are heart attack, depression and cancer.

And according to scientists from Duke University, the impact of strong stress on the human genome is stored for a long time, as well as the stress of the mother during pregnancy leaves an imprint on the development of the unborn child.

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