The consequences of "melamine" a scandal in China

In memory of "melamine scandal in China, when children mixtures and products was detected melamine received from the packaging and children's dishes. Chinese scientists have shared the aftermath of this catastrophe.

Then, from the spring of 2008, China was recorded epidemic of urolithiasis among younger children. Today doctors are willing to argue that the culprit for this was the melamine poisoning of children.

Young patients were admitted to the clinic with acute kidney bilateral urolithiasis requiring urgent surgical intervention to restore the flow of urine.

Only in Gansu province in seven clinics in the period September - November 2008 was hospitalized 47 infants with acute kidney urolithiasis. The average age of hospitalized children was 10 months. Stone size ranged from 3 to 14 mm in diameter. Nine patients were successfully treated with medication; others have required serious surgery. Thirty-eight patients were followed for six months, renal function was almost completely restored. Five patients had preserved residual renal stones with a diameter of from 2 to 4 mm.

Thanks to efficient and well-coordinated work of doctors in the children was provided timely surgical care, which helped save the life of young patients.

Today only 13,16% of children in this disaster require further medical observation about kidney stones.

Pediatricians warn parents: do not use baby utensils do not have certificates of quality - it is dangerous for children's health.

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