The consequences of apnea for women more pernicious than for men

Sleep apnea is very dangerous for women than for men. According to the edition of Xinhua, conducted by University of California study determined the ability of this to provoke disorder in women, brain damage, large in significance.

During surveys conducted comparison of nerve fibers in the white matter in the brain of patients with apnea people and healthy individuals. Moreover, scientists took into account sex differences. The uniqueness of the study is that such work is carried out with the involvement of men.

According to the research group leader Paul Macy, he and his colleagues discovered violations in the areas of anterior in the brain in women, associated with decision making and regulation of mood. Therefore, patients with sleep apnea syndrome differed abnormally high levels of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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In the future, the researchers plan to identify the start time of the destructive changes in the brain. This will help to more effectively treat patients. As you know, when apnea stop breathing more than 10 seconds. Provoked stop breathing when the airway blockage by using a relaxed soft tissues in the posterior part of the pharynx.

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