A group of scientists from Stanford University have developed a "protein band-aid". He is able to speed up the process of recovery of the heart after a heart attack. The beginning of clinical trials is planned for 2017, writes Medical News Today.

During a heart attack due to the lack of oxygen killed the contractile tissue of the heart. In humans and most animals to adulthood myocardium is not restored after injury and replaced by connective tissue, simply put, the scar without the ability to decline. This leads to the development of arrhythmias, chronic heart failure.

New development scientists needs to activate the repair process of the myocardium. The composition of the patch allows you to use it in the early stages after a heart attack. Scientists believe that "patch" will help in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with damage to the heart muscle.

In the "protein band-aid" is part of FSTL1 protein. This building material is needed by the heart to start the restore process. Would the development of effective treatment of the consequences of myocardial infarction, time will tell.

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