The computer can have negative effects on eyes

Every time when the veil covering the eyes and eye proteins are colored in red, one is tempted to ask: so what actually happens with the eyes?

As is known, the human eye is covered with a thin invisible film of tears. This film includes water, fat and mucous layers. In that case, if the fluid is not enough, there is the so-called "dry eye syndrome".

Scientists have proved that man, which looks at a computer monitor blinks 4 times less than usual. This fact means that the eye in such cases, you need help. To this end developed a drug called "Artificial tears". The composition of artificial tears is identical to the composition of natural, and they should be instilled into the eye every time you feel that they are overworked.

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For people who spend a lot of time behind the monitor, and indeed for all those who have problems with eyes, scientists recommend eating large amounts of carrot juice, herring, salmon and halibut, which contain fatty acid omega-3 and vitamin A.

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