The complete absence of fat is also dangerous, as its surplus

Why not just have tried people for the last twenty years to lose weight. But the nature stubbornly continues to throw people extra pounds, and I think it is not without reason.

As shown by the results of the study, people who have excess weight, 6 percent less at risk of the onset of premature death than those who possess an ideal and healthy weight.

The study went further and their results shocked the experts. It turned out that even people who are in the early stages of obesity, also do not have an increased risk of dying early. The full results of the survey conducted among more than three million adults, published in the journal "American Medical Association".

Thus, according to the study, a small amount of fat will help to provide additional energy to the body of the person to recover from injury, or to fight with the disease.

Scientists explained that the fat is not a passive piece of the body, it is very important for many processes in the human body.

Fat is directly involved in the activity of the immune system and is vital in the fight against infections and viruses. In addition, it protects internal organs from damage.

That is why thin people are less tolerant of the disease and suffer more colds and flu, and athletes are more susceptible to infections.

Body fat are essential for female fertility. Slim women experience a temporary cessation of menstruation, and therefore have problems with conception.

In short, the absence of fat is also dangerous, as its surplus, and that is why we should stick to the "Golden mean", concluded the scientists.

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