The combination of certain drugs can lead to the destruction of renal tissue

Medications often have side effects. Every year companies are developing new tools against diseases, the formula becomes stronger, but this increases the risk of adverse reactions in other organs and systems. No wonder almost every tool in the contra-indicated in pregnancy. The means of breaking through the barrier that can cause intrauterine pathology, which is not amenable to adequate treatment.

Scientists from Canada came to an interesting conclusion. It turns out that the drug against high pressure in the compartment with the antibiotic can impair renal function, reports The Calgary Herald. Doctors advise to use caution to some of the drugs that treat the underlying disease, but damage other organs. Special attention should be paid to the drug clarithromycin and calcium channel blockers.

The totality of these groups of drugs often leads to kidney damage. Scientists have compared the level of hospitalization of patients with acute kidney disease and low blood pressure. Appreciated they are and mortality among people constantly receiving drugs calcium channel blockers together with the antibiotic clarithromycin, which was subjected to analysis of a combination of other drug combinations.

It turned out that the conjunction of these two drugs has often led to serious kidney complications. The combination of medicines twice raised the risk of developing kidney disease when treatment of the underlying disease. A similar effect had clarithromycin and erythromycin together with funds aimed at reducing the level of cholesterol. Doctors and scientists have warned people with weak urinary system: the admission of such bundles of drugs can lead to quite serious consequences.

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