Want your strawberry mousse became richer taste? Try to lay it on a white plate, and not to add more fruits and sugar, the researchers say.

A new study by Spanish and British scientists have shown that the color plates affects how people perceive the taste of food. Marketers have long known - the color can affect how we perceive food. To check how the color plates can affect perception, the researchers gave a small serving of strawberry mousse on black and white plates 53 volunteers who rated their "perception of sweetness, intensity of taste, and how much they liked the dish. It turned out that the tasters are not only more liked mousse on a white plate, they also found it more neat and sweet. Although the difference between categories did not rise above the boundaries of statistical randomness.

Researchers led by Betina Piqueras-Fisman from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, also tested the form plates - round, square and triangular - however, this factor did not seem to have a significant impact on how people are perceived mousse. Quite possibly the color mousse manifested more intensely on a white background than dark, and this visual illusion worked in favor of food of white plates. "It would be particularly interesting to further explore the impact of other colors (or other shades of plates) and characteristics of the dishes in order to find the combination improves the perception of food and improve the taste of food," they say.

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