The collagen from the skin of marine fish - an excellent product for skin

Most likely, few know that collagen, which is derived from the skin of marine fish, is one of the main components of masks and creams.

Manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumes from France, Italy and other leading countries in this sector, has long been used in its production of the skin of the fish with miraculous properties.

Collagen is a protein that is indispensable for giving elasticity to the skin. With age the amount of collagen in the body decreases, and to fill its called cosmetics.

The business processing the fish skin is very profitable. One of the leading suppliers of fish skin in Europe is the plant Aquafinca Saint Peter Fish in Honduras, the annual turnover of which is 600 000 us dollars. Every year Honduras delivers about 250 tons of skin fish called tilapia, for perfume production in Europe. He is ready to increase the supply of 700 tons, and is already in talks with the French perfume houses, which are the main buyers of fish skin.

Processing of fish skin is waste production, as is exported not only the skin of tilapia, as well as its fins and scales.

That is why specialists processing plant Aquafinca Saint Peter Fish argue that this fish is used at 100 percent. Collagen is also used in the pharmaceutical industry where it gel shell.

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