The cold treatment at home

With the onset of cold weather, the human body is under stress. Therefore, at this time it is very easy to cool. To get rid of some of the symptoms of the disease can be just a couple of days, without resorting to various medicines sold in pharmacies. You only have to use folk remedies for colds, which can certainly be found in any home.

Runny nose In the first days of the disease effective garlic. It is cleaned from the skin, pass through the frog. Mush wrapped in a piece of cotton cloth, such tampon insert for some time in one nostril, then the other. This method allows you to quickly get rid of the first signs of a cold. However, it is not suitable for people with overly sensitive skin, because garlic paste can cause burns of the mucous membrane. When the prolonged cold is to prepare a curative mixture of the juice of 2 lemons and grated on a fine grater horseradish. To take such a tool should be 0.5 tsp. twice a day. After that, it is not recommended for half an hour to drink or eat. Cough chest (but not on the heart area) and on the blades should impose mustard. To do this, they are dipped in warm water and applied to the skin. After 5 to 15 minutes, when the skin becomes bright pink color, they are removed. Leather wipe with a towel dipped in warm water. If mustard put the child, be sure to put them through a layer of gauze or thin paper. If the cough is dry and irritating, it is possible to prepare the tool on the basis of a bitter radish. In washed tuber make a hole, pour in it the honey and leave for the day. During this time, the radish will provide the juice that you want to take 1 teaspoon three times a day. People with allergies to honey radish is recommended to cover with sugar. Patients with gastric ulcer or gastritis this method of treatment is contraindicated. Bronchitis Relieve the disease will help the healing tortillas. They are one of boiled potatoes, mashed into a puree, Apple cider vinegar, mustard powder, honey and olive oil (1 tbsp). From these ingredients by hand to form a small cake and put it to his chest. The top covered with a plastic wrap and wrap a woolen scarf. Angina Between two pieces of cotton cloth to spread the cheese at room temperature, applied to the neck. Cover the compress with cabbage leaves. Lock all warm scarf made of natural wool. This compress can be applied for the whole day. Otitis Fresh onion chop, wrap in a clean cloth, put it on the blemish ear. Secure the wrap with scarf. To highlight the healing of volatile hardly fall sick ear on a warm (but not hot) heating pad. However, if their ear is secreted fluid, applying heat is not recommended. In such a situation is to consult a doctor. Conjunctivitis Often this symptom occurs during a cold. To get rid of it with the help of green tea. 2 bags dipped in 200 ml of boiling water. Rinse ready means of eye several times a day. Used tea bags can be applied to the eyelids for 15 minutes. Sore throat Gargle sore throat it is recommended that a mixture prepared from 0,5 Cup of beet juice, 1 tbsp. honey, 1 tbsp. of lemon juice and a small amount of boiled water (to bring the total volume to 200 ml). Instead of lemon juice also take Apple cider vinegar in the same amount. High temperature to Lower the temperature, you can use cooked vitamin drinks. You can use black currant, guelder rose, wild strawberry. Berries are best to take frozen or dried. Also good in relieving fever lime infusion. This cold treatment at home will help you quickly and effectively get rid of cold symptoms, to help the body cope with the unpleasant symptoms. Be healthy!

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