The climate can change the taste and the price of beer - the scientists

To a surprising conclusion the American scientists. It is likely that future climate change may affect the taste and the price of beer. At first glance, this statement sounds absurd, but let's try to understand together with specialists.

In nature there are irreversible processes that affect the chemical composition of the crops needed to create beer. The most pronounced changes are logged in the barley and the amount of starch in it. It is this factor affects the taste of the beer.

Likely to increase and the cost of beer. Drought will complicate the mass cultivation of barley, then the price of beer will increase. Experts say that the beer prices could rise to $ 20 per liter.

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In this regard, scientists are working to create genetically modified barley varieties resistant to drought. If you manage to bring such a variety, then the problem will be solved, and beer lovers will not be left without his drink.

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