The cleansing of the blood vessels from cholesterol

Today, unfortunately, the quality of food consumed by most people, not high, and few of the current residents of large cities adhere to a proper diet. Once atherosclerosis, which is characterized by the formation of cholesterol plaques, was considered a disease of older people, but nowadays this problem has affected young people. Therefore, cleaning of vessels from cholesterol is so important at any age. Next, we consider the methodology of this preventive procedures.

Medical procedure

Extracorporal hemocorrection is one of the most effective methods of purification of the blood and blood vessels. Professionals taking blood from the patient, place it in a special machine (centrifuge). Blood into blood cells and plasma. Then from plasma, using special technology, removes cholesterol and all substances that could provoke his education in the future. Such cleaning does not affect the plasma valuable components. In the body of the patient is injected already cleared the biomaterial.

The enforcement mechanism of this procedure is something like a normal drip. The blood is purified, and cholesterol plaques that clog blood vessels, gradually diminish and then disappear. The vessels will once again begin to miss the amount of blood that is caused physiologically. The patient after completion of the course feels refreshed, he gradually stabilize the pressure and restores the body's defenses.


Cleanse the blood vessels from cholesterol is also possible with the help of special diets, according to the rules which should limit the amount of fat consumed. Instead of fatty meats and dairy products need to eat low-fat foods from the protein group. It should also be excluded from your daily menu, salted, smoked, fried food. In the day you should drink a pint of orange, Apple or grapefruit juice. You should also drink non-carbonated water in sufficient quantities. The diet is desirable to Supplement the nuts that you are slowly, but constantly. Welcome athletic exercises and long walks, which are known to potentiate the effect of any diet. Be healthy!

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