The cleaning of the apartment and get rid of bed bugs

In childhood, many have heard stories about bed bugs, bedbugs, etc., but few people believed in them until such time as myself have not experienced their night bites. Older people are more wary of any sign of discomfort especially when it comes to his apartment and especially the bedrooms.

Make sure that you have bitten it bug

If you still have not experienced or seen these little Krivovichev it doesn't mean that they don't exist. Waking up and finding the bite on the body, do not rush to conclusions about its origin. It can be other insects, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas or ticks. Externally is a small-sized seed Apple brown bugs. next we will look at how to get rid of them and implement prevention during cleaning.

How to get rid of insects bed bugs

Clean beds and linens

If God forbid, you find yourself bed bugs. First of all assemble the package of sheets, quilt cover, pillowcases wash and boil. Carefully review and vacuum the mattress and a sleeping place special attention to seams and abrasions. Gently shake out the garbage from the cleaner to the package outside of your apartment or house, then throw it.

Buy mattress cover

It is very important to protect not the bed frame, namely the mattress first you sleep on it, and therefore the insects also prefer, additionally, the cover is particularly light will help you to find bugs when they will crawl on its inner surface.

Be vigilant in trips

Very easy coming back from a vacation or business trip together with things to bring uninvited guests. It is therefore recommended that when returning razberat things in a separate room or on the floor such as parquet, linoleum, laminate so you could quickly discover bugs. Carefully inspect things if during the trip you felt itching and biting . After unpacking, make sure to wash things in the machine preferably boil, for greater security vacuum and wipe your suitcases and bags.

Regular washing and cleaning

Over time, dust and dirt accumulate in the bed and linen. You should regularly once a week to wash bed linen in hot water, this will make it clean and kill germs, clean the frame and upholstery beds shampoo or special detergents. In addition, it is important to keep in order all the rooms in the apartment, vacuuming and floor, dusting wash the Windows.

Call the professionals

Of course, you can act yourself, but sometimes for some reason this is not possible or not effective, therefore it is better to entrust it to professionals who have all the necessary equipment and chemicals. Professional cleaning of the apartment twice a year will save you not only bed bugs, but will also make your house clean and cozy. In addition, this is an excellent prevention against domestic insects and allergens.

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