The cleanest place in the room is the bathroom

Website The Hindu Business Line published information, which should primarily be of interest to people who travel to different countries and cities. It turns out that the cleanest place in the room is the bathroom. It regularly and very carefully removed, and therefore is the lowest concentration of bacteria.

Mattresses and blankets are the most dirty things in the hotel, as they are rarely subjected to purification. Also a large number of bacteria found on the coffee machines, and televisions. This information provided by the female traveler at the time of the survey. The survey was conducted by the "Check Safety First".

In addition, experts found that every fifth of the traveller, which stops at the hotel, is exposed to any infections and get sick.

As commented on the information received to the Chairman of the company "Check Safety First" Steve Tate, people often think that most of all they are susceptible to disease from food served in the hotel, but as it turned out it is not so, because the real danger of a hotel room, and they are the main cause dangerous diseases.

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