"The cinnamon challenge" is a dangerous competition on Youtube

American doctors released a statement in which they are asked not to get involved in a new competition called "cinnamon Challenge", writes The New York Times.

The YouTube embraced a new hobby: people dared to eat a teaspoon of ground cinnamon without washing it with water. Prerequisite: remove the process on video and upload it to the Internet. A sample video can be found here.

Doctors do not recommend to participate in this contest. There is a danger that cinnamon will block the light that will create a barrier to air, i.e. there is a high risk that people will simply suffocate.

In 2012, the Administration for the control of food and drugs U.S. received about 50 calls from citizens who were poisoned cinnamon. But already in the beginning of 2013 the number of calls has increased several times and today their number has reached 178. In 30 cases, the degree of poisoning has reached serious levels: patients needed emergency care.

Today on YouTube under the tag "cinnamon challenge" can be found approximately 30 thousand videos. The most popular of them scored more than 29 million views.

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It should be noted that in this "competition" even the Governor of Illinois and two well-known athlete.

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