The choice of stroller for a newborn

As soon as the family appears newborn, parents buy everything necessary. One of the most important attributes for a baby is a baby stroller.

Modern industry produces several types of wheelchairs to meet General requirements.

1.For families living in high rise buildings, the most important factors are the width of the wheelchair, as it must fit in the Elevator door.

2.Cross pram for newborns depends on wheel size: the larger the diameter, the better the wheels cope with snow in winter.

3.From the softness of the stroller depends on the child's comfort. To test the cushioning of the vehicle should be slightly push the stroller if she easily falls smoothly back into place, then depreciation is correct.

4.Quite important and the weight of the stroller, especially when staying in homes with no Elevator. To know the weight of the passport of the product.

5.The child should sit comfortably in the cradle, not to feel stiffness and tightness even in winter clothes, because of the narrow stroller to buy is not recommended.

6.The bottom of the stroller must be rigid and to be direct, to the spine of the baby was formed correctly.

7.Material the manufacture of selected water-repellent, inner coating must be environmentally friendly and to have a quality certificate confirming this.

For the frame used durable materials: modern designs used drobetsky plastic.

8.To check the operation of all mechanisms strollers, convenience and ease of its folding and unfolding before payment. Buy a stroller with uncomfortable mechanism is not desirable.

Mandatory verified the reliability of the Parking brakes.

9.The length of the handle and its convenience is important for parents. Therefore, you should check initially, as far as the length of the handle corresponds to an increase of moms and dads to high parents not to walk in sharlena condition. The handle is supposed to advance and retract easily.

10.Must have a large hood that protects baby from sun and weather. Desirable and optional accessories: mosquito net, winter envelope, baggage bag, shopping basket.

Perhaps the above important parameters will help you to choose the most convenient stroller for a newborn and his parents.

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